Wednesday weigh-in

Like countless other folks, I’ve been on the quest to lose weight for the better part of forever. I have a strong family hstory of diabetes & hypertension on both sides of my family, much of it due to poor diet & sedentary habits so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.

But what really got the fire under my feet was during my last physical when after my vitals have been taken, the doctor asked if I would consider having gastric bypass surgery. After being taken aback for a second, I answer no, and then she replies, “well how can we get you to lose 60 lbs?” Hell, I’d lose twice that if I could. I feel like I’ve been skirting on the borderline between being healthy and developing a chronic disease, so while I’ve already made some moves towards eating healthier & being more active, I need to kick it up a notch.

Some changes I’ve made include:

1. Drink more water. I’ve been increasing my water intake for the better part of a year and now it’s to the point that it’s my primary liquid source. I carry one of those aluminum refillable water bottles at work and keep another at home for when I use the gym. I’m never without water regardless of where I am.

2. Eliminate HFCS. My biggest source was sodas & sweetened ice teas, which I’ve just about eliminated completely from my diet. Since doing so, my taste buds have changed, I believe for the better. I will still have a soda or snapple on occasion but now I find the taste so sweet sometimes I cannot finish the bottle. I was shocked when I realized how many foods contain HFCS. I now scrutinize labels and if it contains it, I don’t buy it.

3. Exercise. Because of my work schedule, it’s difficult to adhere to any formal routine, so I resolve to get in some exercise whenever I can as much as possible. Walking is one of my favorite exercises so I will often walk instead of take the bus when I can, particularly when the weather is nice. Lucky I have a small gym in my building and have access to an employee gym at work so I don’t have to pay for a membership. I’ve also started incorporating yoga into my routine, thanks to a couple of DVDs I bought & an instructor who teaches a weekly yoga class on Wednesdays.

So I get on the scale this morning as has been my weekly ritual for the past several weeks. Absent of a regular exercise routine, I’ve so far lost 10lbs averaging weight loss of about 1lb a week. I don’t see the changes physically yet, but I do feel more energy and I don’t feel as drained when I leave work.

Starting next week I’ll be working an early shift which will give me time to use the employee gym after work. Looking forward to some significant changes on the scale in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. pyaspirite
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 09:47:50

    You and me both on the journey forever. 😛

    I’m with you. I haven’t checked the scale to see if there’s any change but I’m definitely kicking it up a notch.


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