The Detox

Has your body ever felt tired & sluggish? Like it’s not functioning optimally the way it should be? Or maybe even “toxic”? Well that’s how I was feeling the last couple of weeks. My stomach felt bloated & gassy and my energy levels were low.

Then one day while reading my twitter account, someone on my timeline inquired about colon hydrotherapy. After a brief exchange recounting my previous experiences with colonics, I decided to revisit the idea to give my body a jumpstart to better health.

The previous spa I went to was nice, but I wanted something closer to home so after some research online, I found a place called Siva Rose in Harlem. Most places are usually booked well in advanced, so I was pleased to have called on a friday and was able to book an appt. for the following sunday.

I followed her instructions for preparation, last meal 2 hours before appt and no water within 1 hour. I arrived and met with Mary-Rose, the woman who would be my colon hydrotherapist. We have a brief chat, going over the assessment form I filled out prior to coming; and about my goals and expectations from the procedure. I wanted to alleviate the constant bloating, constipation & gas I was having. To rid myself of accumulated waste & toxins, and if weight loss results from all of that, I’ll accept it as well, LOL

From there, we headed into the treatment room. The therapist explained she uses the Woods Gravity Method for the procedure, which is explained in detail on other sites. But basically, it uses gravity to allow water to flow into the colon, stimulating it to release accumulated waste matter via the body’s own peristalsis. Other methods of colon hydrotherapy exist that use machines to do the work of the colon, but the Woods method is considered by many colon hydrotherapists to be superior. Between the series of fills and releases of water, Mary-Rose did lots of abdominal massaging to further stimulate the colon to release waste. Initially, while I was lying on my side, then while on my back. Having had colonics before, I knew there wouldn’t be any pain associated with the procedure. The only discomfort was insertion of the speculum, which was quite brief.

After the 1 hour session, Mary-Rose served me a glass of coconut water to replenish any electrolytes lost during the colonic. She advised me to drink more water, and recommended 2 herbal supplements from Sundial to begin using to further assist in waste elimination. Then she discussed the principles of food combining as a way of eating. That’s gonna be the hard part. Based on it’s rules a lot of my favorite comfort foods are not allowed. Mary-Rose also recommended I schedule another colonic in 1-2 weeks.

It’s the day after & so far I feel good. I have almost no gas, and I no longer feel bloated. It’ll be several sessions though, before I see the full effect of colon hydrotherapy. I look forward to having more energy, clearer skin, feeling and looking a lot better.

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  1. pyaspirite
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 22:17:51

    You’re braver than me. Let me know how it works out for you.


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