Detox part 2

Since the first colonic a week ago, I’m starting to see a slow improvement. The therapist told me after my first session my colon was a little dehydrated and recommended I drink more water, use food combining techniques and start using 2 herbal treatment from Sundial herbs that I’ve heard of and even sampled before, but have never used in the past.

The first is a woodroot tonic which is a combination of various herbs used for energy. I drink 2 oz of that every morning. The taste is an acquired one to say the least, but I’ve gotten used to it. The second is Koromantee, a stomach and intestinal cleanser used at night. That stuff tastes horrid. Again I’ve gotten used to it. I get over it by just knocking back the tonic quickly like I’m drinking shots but still the taste…..leaves a lot to be desired. The combination after a couple of days got things moving to say the least, lol.

The food combining regimen is so far working out OK. Last time I tried it, I struggled terribly trying to keep from mixing proteins & starches. I’ve got it down to a routine of eating fruits or smoothies in the morning. I may have something light about an hour later if I still feel hungry. Lunchtime I alternate between having a protein meal or a starchy meal depending on how I’m feeling. As long as I bring my own lunch I’m fine. It’s when I have to depend on the cafeteria menu like I did the last couple of days is when I run into trouble. Fortunately yesterday I tried their portabello mushroom panini which I was surprised to find pretty delicious. I’ve been slacking on the exercise though, but lucky I haven’t gained any weight.

So this past sunday I went back for my second colonic. This time things went better and I was a lot more “productive”, lol The therapist said a rule of thumb is to subtract 5 from your current age and that’s how many sessions it takes to return your colon to it’s “normal” state. I’m not an old woman, but I’ll say for me, that’s a lot of colonics. I notice less of a desire for junk and processed foods. I still have a sweet tooth though, that I’m sure will never go away. Finished off the day with a couple of soy patties from the local Watkins health food store and a slice of vegan carrot cake that was to die for. As time goes on I slowly feel more energetic, maybe the spring weather and warming temperatures have something to do with it too.

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