We run this mutha…..NOT!!

So while folks are waxing poetic about Beyonce’s latest video “Run the World (girls)” I came across this cartoon while viewing another blog. It’s simple, yet says so much.

Which woman is more oppressed?

The irony that two women from completely different walks of life can pass each other on the street and come to the same conclusion about one another. The woman in the bikini, who appears to be from a western background views the woman in the burka as being oppressed and dominated by a patriarchal society based on religion. In her eyes, the woman in the burka envies her sense of freedom and wishes she could be more liberated.

Flip the script and the woman in the burka is thinking the complete opposite. She views the woman wearing the bikini as a loose individual, perhaps lacking in a moral foundation, who is dominated by the pressure to conform to the norms of what is also a patriarchal society. Is that woman wearing a bikini because that’s what she likes to wear? Or is she appealing to the desires of men who want to see tits and ass?

The cartoon speaks to the irony of patriarchy, and I guess to an extent a hypocrisy that exists in feminism. What does it say about our current state of affairs as women?

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  1. pyaspirite
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 23:23:19

    Great post.

    I saw this drawing about two weeks ago and had similar thoughts as yours. At the end of the day, we don’t run anything. Even Bey’s video and lyrics are hypocritical to the message she’s seems to be trying to portray. The competitive “none of these hoes can fade me” towards other women and her overly sexual characterizations in the video cater to the men who truly run the world.

    The bikini clad woman in the drawing is catering to the Western world’s definition of attractiveness and what’s sexy to men — although some women would beg to differ. Some women would say that they wear those clothes because they like them, but truth be told, those would be the minority. The Muslim woman represents the religious/social definition of her region also defined by men.

    What really do women run when we can’t even define ourselves?


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