Keep your hands outta my ‘fro!

You know the feeling if you’ve ever worn your hair in a big afro or afro puff and someone comes along and tries to squeeze your puff or rub your afro. That duck and dodge you do with your head or the wave of the arm to move that person’s hand out of your hairspace. Have you ever worried about how to wear your hair while traveling? Might wanna think about some cornrows.

After having gone through screening at an airport in Seattle, a woman was pulled from the security check line and told she needed her hair examined. Based on the video link below, when you go through airport screening, TSA reserves the right to run their fingers through your hair. According to a supervisor, “It is our policy that we examine anything that poofs from the body.” (????) Do people use language like the word “poofs” to be included as part of official policy? Is this an isolated incident of staff being a bit too zealous or racial profiling? Or maybe someone at TSA has been watching too many blaxploitation films. As thick as my natural hair is when I wore it loose in an afro puff, I still couldn’t hide a gun in it like Pam Grier did in “Foxy Brown”, racial TSA demand to search woman’s hair.

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