Ms Fix It

If you were a girl scout when you were a child years ago as I was, you’ll recognize this junior level badge right away.


Ms Fix-It badge

Well you can call me Ms. Fix It. Because sometimes you’re just better off going on and doing things yourself….

A few weeks ago, the lighting in my kitchen started to go dim. One of the bulbs went out so  I put in a work order for the super to replace the lighting. A couple days later I still see my work order posted with a comment noted that he didn’t have the bulbs on hand and would have to go out and purchase the lighting. 

Meanwhile I still have some remaining light in my kitchen as it was only about 1 or 2 of the bulbs that died. A week goes by, then another, and I’m wondering how the hell long does it take to go out and get bulbs. And then s**t hits the fan on Super Bowl weekend when the remaining bulbs also go out. And now I have a blackout in my kitchen. If you’re like a lot of New Yorkers who eat out most meals, that might not be a big deal, but as someone who enjoys cooking, this is distressing. 

So sometime during the football game that took place during the Beyonce concert, I make my way down to the front desk and put in a second work order emphasizing the fact that I now have NO light in my kitchen. And I think to myself it’d sure be nice to have a man around the house right about now to fix this. The security guard on duty suggests I call the managing company. My thoughts exactly, if I don’t hear from the super by the next day. 

My coworker friend tells me I need to grease his pockets, that’s how things get done in his in-laws building. Listen, tipping is one thing, but slipping dude some extra bucks to do work that he is already being paid to do from my monthly maintenance fees is not how I operate. I call the super’s cell the following tuesday and he gives me the blah blah blah about how he’s tried to call me a couple of times (never got a message) & I have to pay for the bulbs (knew that) and he’ll try to get it done today, if not tomorrow. I see him later that day and he promises to have it done tomorrow. 

Move forward to today, my day off. A major snowstorm is coming and I’m determined not to go into the weekend snowed in and my kitchen still in blackout conditions. A couple weeks ago I watched some employees changing the fluorescent light bulbs in our department and thought I can do that myself. I take down the shade from the lighting and find the same type of lightbulbs in my fixture. I managed to remove one of the bulbs, took a picture of the inscription on the bulb with my phone and made my way to Home Depot. 

So imagine what folks on the bus were thinking when they see a woman with 2 pairs of 4ft fluorescent bulbs like these….


I leave a message on the super’s phone that he can come install them, since they’re bought and he no longer has the excuse that he has to go to the store. While at Home Depot I read a display sign outlining how to install and remove the bulbs and it looked easy enough for me to give it a shot. Out of sheer curiosity and seeing if I have the know how, (and because I was just damn tired of waiting and ready to take action) I set out to remove the rest of the bulbs, which took a little bit of work. But one by one I got them out.

Now installing the new bulbs was another matter. I’ve been screwing and unscrewing regular light bulbs since I was a kid, but these took a little bit of work, not quite as easy as it looked. I hesitated and started to just wait for the super to respond, but after playing with the old bulbs for practice, I got the first one in with a little ease. There must be some kinda trick to these lights I don’t know of, but I figure if I can get one in, I can do the other three. 

Took about a half hour and several breaks in between, but I finally got them all in. Being the first time installing kitchen lights, I’m quite proud of my work. 


I even managed to crazy glue the crack in my light shade. Putting that back on though, I think I might need the super for that job. 


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  1. Nicky
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 10:55:17

    Welcome to the world of being called “Bob Villa’s” wife! Awesome job! Sometimes we as women just have to suck it up and get it done! Now you have light!!!!


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