I’m back!!!!!

Long time no post……I know.

What I’ve been doing? Just living life for a bit. I did some traveling, a girlfriend’s trip to Vegas and to Atlanta to visit family and to spend my birthday. Treated myself to a very relaxing 90 minute massage at a spa. Everytime I go I tell myself I need to do massages more regularly, but it just ain’t in a sista’s budget like that.

I recently did a search and found out one of the defendants in the case I served jury duty on that I talked about in my last post was sentenced to 7-9 years in prison. The other defendant, I don’t know, I suspect her conviction might have been overturned. The thought of those kids having to now grow up without their dad is just……sad. People we got to do better.

The director of my department just retired, so things at the job are kind of in a flux right now until the hospital decides on a new director. A few other staff members have either also retired or have relocated and found new jobs. And the usual drama that occurs at the workplace continues.

In my never ending quest to be more healthy, I’ve decided to do a detox. While on twitter I came across a man named Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, the herbalist behind the website Dhealthstore. After watching several of Djehuty’s youtube videos I decided to purchase his full body detox, which also happened to be on sale. It’s a 3 week course of herbal therapy that covers all the major organs for detoxing, which I’ll discuss in detail in a later post.

I already see I’m going to have to do some prep, so I’m easing myself into doing the detox by getting back into making smoothies. Last night I found this post from A Beautiful Mess about their 5 day green smoothie challenge and decided to try a couple of their smoothie recipes. This morning I made their blueberry/banana/spinach smoothie with some blueberries I bought the day before. Mine was a bit different in that I used frozen instead of fresh bananas and fresh blueberries which may or may not have affected the texture of the smoothie. Or I may have used too much banana. My smoothie did not turn out as pretty as theirs but the taste was spot on. Not too sweet, but you don’t taste the spinach either. Next I’m going to try their raspberry with coconut.

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