Full body detox days 3-4

In a nutshell, after two days of little activity, things started to pick up detox wise on the third day. Without being too graphic, let’s just say it was a pretty “moving” experience.

Tuesday I had the day off from work, so I started off the day with a workout at the gym. Decided to try a mango and avocado salad recipe that I found online for a post workout lunch. It combines two ingredients I really like and adding a bit of lime for dressing, it turned out well taste wise. Except that both the mango and avocado were a little overripe.

One thing I realized about this raw dieting…

It seems that a dehydrator is essential if raw foods are going to be a significant part of your diet. It’s kinda frustrating that most of the raw recipes I’ve found online require use of a dehydrator, which I don’t have. I wasn’t prepared for that reality, since the recipes are for things I love like chips & breads. Over the past couple of days, I’ve also developed an addiction to kale chips. I made a trip to a local market and found these two brands of chips on sale.



The garlic & cheese kale chips were particularly good. A huge drawback though is these raw snacks and other packaged raw foods are EXPENSIVE!! Not sure yet, but a dehydrator may or may not be in my future. I could see myself making all kinds of chips; potato, plantain, banana, sweet potato, veggie chips, not to mention breads and crackers. Maybe, just maybe. Still thinking on that though.

I also came across this product in the vegetable section. It’s sea kelp noodles, which I’ve never seen, nor heard of before.


I’m looking at the package and envisioning a way to have “raw” pasta, ’cause frankly I’m not feeling the thought of raw spaghetti squash and zucchini pasta. I opened the package and tasted one of the noodles. It’s bland with a crunchy texture. But, I did some googling online and found a post where someone was able to soften the noodles before prepping. Glory!!! Can’t wait to work with this and see how this turns out.

And because my sweet tooth kicked in, on a whim I blended some frozen peaches and coconut milk in my vitamix and made up this quick ice cream recipe.

It’s as good as any store brand, without all the additives.

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  1. Ontgiften van het lichaam
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 19:09:48

    Hey There Creative Urbanista,
    Speaking of which, I want to do a full body detox cleanse. I have been so tired and sluggish lately, and need something to cleanse my system. I last did a cleanse about 4 months ago & it really helped, but they have since discontinued the product I used.
    I am a 24 y.o female, moderately active lifestyle, in s. ontario. I eat mainly organic and healthy foods, no fast food at all. Walk my dog every day with my son. Am on a budget, and some cleanse programs I checked out are ridiculously expensive. I’d like to find something that won’t cost me anything outrageous, and is affordable to do every 3 months or so.
    I take a multi vitamin, B12, B6, and iron supplements.
    I have IBS, and cleansing seems to help calm it down a lot, too.

    Any info on how to do a really in depth, full detox would be fabulous. Thanks.
    Good Job!


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