The PuffCuff: A Review

I’ve been wearing my hair natural since 2000. Worn almost every natural style; twists, locs, braids, afro, twist outs, etc. I don’t consider myself a product junkie, but a couple weeks ago, I saw this Youtube video posted on Facebook about a new hair band for creating afro puffs:

Over the years I’ve worn out too many bra strap hairbands to count creating afro puffs. Plus the bra strap style hairbands have become so hard to find now, I only know of one beauty supply store that still carries them, when I’m in the neighborhood I always stock up. So I was excited to try this new product that would save me the trouble of having to search for replacement hairbands.

Watching the demo video, the creator has about twice the length of hair as myself and perhaps not as thick. I was a bit nervous would this work on my very thick, kinky hair, and did I have enough hair to fit into it. After watching a couple of review blogs and video posts, one of which featured a blogger whose hair was similar to my own, I took a leap of faith.

Let me start off by saying I’m not being paid by any advertisers nor provided with any promotional products, so my review is totally unbiased. I’m a regular customer who did just like any other ordinary consumer would do and ordered the PuffCuff from Amazon, though you can also order it directly from their website as well.

I got the product in the mail a few days later. It resembles a huge banana clamp, except that it’s round. It’s made of the same type of plastic other hair combs are made of, strong enough to withstand ordinary use, but I would treat it delicately as it’s held together by only a small piece of metal at the center when it’s opened.


Putting it in is as easy as it was shown in the video. Gathered my hair in the center of my hair, added the cuff around it and fastened the hooks. It took me a little while to get used to the look of it in my hair. The site recommends putting it in while your hair is damp, but I had no problem with using it while my hair was dry. If your hair is extra thick like mine, you may want to blow your hair out a bit to make it a little easier. I thought my hair was a little too short and wasn’t sure I liked the look but after a few days of wearing it, it grew on me. And after looking at a couple photos, I like it.


One plus with the PuffCuff is that you don’t have to have loose hair. It will also work for updo styles if you wear your hair in twists, braids or locs as well. The only drawback I see is that it’s available in only one color, black. At the moment, they only sell it in one size which will tackle even the thickest heads of adult heads. But plans are in the works to add child size PuffCuffs as well. At $12 a pop, some folks may take issue with the price, but I’ve spent more on years worth of headbands that lasted for only a few uses.

I give it a definite thumbs up. I know this will get a lot of use, especially as my hair grows longer, And it’ll come in very handy on those days when I’m having a bad hair day or when I just want something simple and quick.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heramerpersandhim
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 23:19:19

    Great review. I have seen some ladies rocking it. And tho i don’t do puffs, it may be nice to have them small size on hand for buns


  2. PuffCuff
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 19:08:21

    Your puff looks great. Thanks so much for the shout-out and the honesty of your review. Thanks for joining the #PCNation.


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