When crocheting goes wrong….

This morning I heard on the news reports of folks complaining of subway commutes becoming more miserable. I used to knit on the subway from time to time, and yes, its annoying to try and do any knit or crochet work on a crowded train. But I never got to the levels of this woman. Nothing comes between her and her crocheting, not even someone wanting a seat. She might wanna crochet herself a set of handcuffs, or a prison jumpsuit to have on hand just in case.



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  1. Nicky
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 23:12:54

    Once it gets inconvenient, I put it away. I’m always gracious on the subway and have had people give me a seat so I could actually knit or crochet. She’s too much!

    This woman’s behavior hits a nerve since I just got into it two hours ago with the tenant below me who wants to play music at any hour, at any volume. Still steaming from that interaction. I hate this city sometimes. Wish I could afford to live in a house.


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