Essence Ageless Beauties

Found this video via twitter. These women are so inspiring, I wanna look that good when I get older. I’m studying all their tips.


My Ultimate Hair Goal

I have never heard of this woman or her new “sprAngz” hair styling tool before, but after coming across her video on YouTube, I was just amazed and kept staring at all the hair she has. I’m about 1/3 of the way since taking down my locs 6 months ago, but in a few years I hope to have as much loose hair as she does right now. Also heck out her comments about people’s reaction to her natural hair as well. I can relate.

Woman, thou art loosed (hair)

A week ago, I finished taking down my locs and debuted what was gonna be a twist out that ended up being a fro instead at last week’s Natural’s Night Out event.

This past weekend I went to my loctician / natural hair stylist, Tameeka for a color and style. Tameeka, who’s been my stylist for the past 7 years, is a highly creative person, Which means I don’t have to give much direction when it comes to styling, I like to just sit back and watch and see what she comes up with.

The result: a nice combo of flat twists, coils, twists and cornrows. The color, a mix of bright red and auburn did not come out as bright as expected, but it still works. Folks are still wowed by the results, just the same as when I had locs.

My hair transition

If the above link doesn’t work try this one:

"Transition" by Zina Saro-Wiwa

This video I saw on the Huffington Post website was a bit timely. Although I’ve been relaxer free since 2000, I am undergoing a hair transition of my own. After almost 7 years of wearing locs, I’m in the midst of taking them down. I didn’t think I’d ever miss not combing my hair, but after seeing one too many fabulous looking afro, twist or cornrow style, I started to miss having my hair loose.

It’s not an impulse decision. I first began thinking about taking down my locs a little over a year ago. Decided to give myself a year to make sure this was really what I wanted to do. I promised myself if after a year, the thought of cutting off my locs was still there I would go ahead and proceed. The other thing is I like to change it up every so often. Blame the gemini that I am.

Six months later I thought maybe I would just have my locs cut shorter. Another 3 months pass, and I decided I wouldn’t be satisfied with shorter locs and if I could cut them shorter then I may as well just cut them off. My initial plan was to grow my locs out, I haven’t had them twisted since January, and then cut them off at the point of the new growth. After looking at some youtube videos of folks who combed out their locs though, on a whim, I decided to give that a try. With the metal end of a rat tail comb I managed to comb out a few locs. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, just a bit time consuming. Then I saw a youtube video where someone used one of those plaque scraping tools from the dentist’s office to pick out their locs. I later bought one at a street fair and it ended up being much easier.

Finally broke the news to my hairdresser who was slightly disappointed, but gave me some tips on making the takedown easier. I’m about roughly halfway done. I’m deliberately taking them down gradually, a few at a time due to time constraints and the fact I’ve been keeping it a secret from folks at work. I have vacation scheduled next week and I plan on surprising them when I come back with a brand new look, color & style.

The Beauty Within

Our beauty is not widely appreciated in the mainstream, much less celebrated. So how refreshing it is to see this new video from Dead Prez celebrating not just black women, but natural beauty as well. I’m loving it! Tell me what you think.

Dead Prez “The Beauty Within” from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.

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