Baby Blanket Update

I’ve been away for a little bit, busy living life and getting some work in, like this project below.

The baby blanket I made for my coworker is finally done. I just need to block it for shaping and sew in some ends otherwise it’s complete and ready to go. The color is not the typical baby blue, more like a turquoise, azurean blue. The shade is what attracted me to the yarn, and should have the same calming effect that studies say the color blue is supposed to have.

baby blanket

Despite the intricacy of the pattern, it was a relatively simple knit. The only skill needed was a knowledge of cables. The garter stitch border around the edges gives it some contrast and helps with maintaining the shape.

baby blanket, pattern close-up

The yarn is acrylic which makes it machine washable and able to use year round, though the weight of the blanket alone I would find it too heavy to use in the height of summer. But anyways the recipient should get lots of use from it.

On the needles….

Chunky Cables Blanket

A criss cross lattice work cable knit pattern from Bernat Yarns. I’m currently knitting this blanket for a coworker about to have a baby boy. It’s a beautiful turquoise blue, & I’m about halfway done. I don’t want to put up the picture now since it’ll be a surprise, but the pattern is here, click the link:

Baby Coordinates Chunky – Cables Blanket

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