Home made dried fruits

A few weeks ago, I bought an excalibur food dehydrator. Expecting it to be somewhat of an ordeal, it turned out to be a lot easier to use than I thought. Simply add the food to the trays, slide inside the dehydrator, plug into the electical outlet and it starts working immediately. I’m a big fan of granola with dried fruit, and berries were being sold at discount at the local produce stalls so I stocked up.




The one thing I didn’t expect was the length of time it would take to work. These berries took over 24 hours to dehydrate. Depending on the size of the berries, some took a little longer than others. Despite the time and planning involved, it’s a money saver. For example, I dehydrated 4 pints of blueberries at a cost of $4.00, as opposed to spending about $6.00 for an 8 oz package of dried blueberries at the local market.


The raspberries & blackberries were eaten straight away. The blueberries I used in some home made granola.


The possibilities are almost endless. Looking forward to later making dried cranberries, kale chips, and maybe sundried tomatoes.

Full body detox, days 5-7

The last few days I can say I’ve noticed a decline in my cravings for sweets. During the beginning of the detox I bought 2 pints of Talenti brand ice cream, which I love, (’cause it was on sale at a great price) I haven’t had the temptation to break them open. Maybe I’ve broken my addiction to sugar, I’m not sure.

I also know that I’m not cut out for living a 100% raw foods diet. Dedication to living the raw food lifestyle also involves quite a lot of time spent prepping meals. I just don’t have that kind of time to spend in the kitchen every day. But I’m dedicated to eating a cleaner diet. I added brown rice back into my diet, though it’s cooked food. I was getting bored with eating nothing but raw rood recipes and I was concerned about eating too few calories and messing up my metabolism.

I’ve also been debating back and forth about possibly buying a dehydrator. I like chips, (banana, potato, kale, plantain) but going back to buying potato chips off the shelf I feel is no longer an option for me. I’ll know by the end of the detox if I’m willing to make that investment.

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