BK fiber arts festival and Rhinebeck 2013


I found out about this event from one of my social media streams yesterday and was surprised to hear there was a knitting related event practically right in my backyard. I wouldn’t have had the chance to check it out anyway due to my jacked up work schedule this month. But judging from the pictures it looked like a really fun event to spend the day at. I will be sure to catch it next year. If you’re in the Brooklyn area, check out this site for the festival.

Speaking of the schedule, I’m ready for October to be over though we haven’t even made it halfway through the month. I’m working the second of three weekends in a row. Because my supervisor said he wasn’t able to give me the weekend of the upcoming Rhinebeck festival off, I almost missed the chance to go. Thank God one of my coworkers was nice enough to switch my schedule and work a sunday for me. Missing the BK and Rhinebeck would’ve made me one pissed off knitter.

This year, I may try my friend Nicky’s method of pre selecting some patterns I’d like to knit, then find yarns for the pattern. I’d like to be a little more selective of yarns this year since I’m still working with yarn that I bought from my first trip to Rhinebeck two years ago. We’ll see how that goes ’cause I’m always still a sucker for a good bargain on discounted yarn.

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