In a pickle……

Unexpectedly I’m on vacation this July 4th week. Why I say “unexpectedly”? Because when I originally applied for this time off, the boss declined my request because too many other folks applied for the same time. Don’t know whether he forgot or had a change of heart, but when I looked at July’s work schedule I saw the vacation time scheduled. I’m not one for turning down time away from work, I’ll always find something to do, even if it’s nothing.

I tend to prefer spending time getting exercise outside instead of the gym as the weather gets warmer. Spotted while doing one of my exercise walks through the neighborhood:

Heard about it on the radio a few months ago. Saw a few snippets of their performance onstage and kinda wished I had bought tickets. I never got to see Michael either.

After a brief stop as South Street Seaport, I did the tourist thing and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge twice on Saturday. One, for the exercise, and second, to check out my friend Mireille’s trunk show; which I ended up missing completely because according to Mireille, who I met outside the venue, the event was unexpectedly shut down early. If you’ve never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s something you must do at least once in your life, especially if you live here. I envy you folks in Brooklyn Heights who walk across the bridge as your daily commute.

Governor’s Island and the Statue of Liberty in the distance

I’ve walked across the Manhattan Bridge as well. It’s much less crowded but the view is not as nice, except for taking shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. Plus there’s the noise of subway trains passing by as they cross the bridge.

Last week’s veggie stash I got from the community supported agriculture (CSA) group included 5 large salad cucumbers. Didn’t know what I was gonna do with all of them. I couldn’t possibly eat that much salad. I’m not a big pickle fan, but it suddenly popped in my head maybe I should try making some. I googled some recipes and decided to use the recipe from this blog post:

Bread and Butter Pickles |

The exception is that I got regular salad cucumbers from the CSA instead of those pretty pickling cucumbers used in the blog recipe. Since they’re for my own personal use, a cucumber is a cucumber. The end result will be the same.

Luckily, I found most of the ingredients I didn’t have already at home, mainly the pickling spices and jars at the local dollar store. Bought multiple jars thinking I would have a huge volume, but it turned out I only needed two. Pickling is a lot easier than I thought, fun to do and the ingredients are inexpensive.

The end result:

Homemade bread and butter pickles

My mom has dibs on one of the jars since I can’t eat all these pickles alone. But they won’t last long anyway. The slices are a little on the crunchy side since I sliced them slightly thicker than what you’d typically find in a supermarket jar, but they taste a hell of a lot better.

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