Nigerian senate proposes legalizing underage marriage

Recently heard about the proposal in the Nigerian senate to legalize marriage for girls as young as 10 years old. Came across this youtube video from a Nigerian singer, Stella Damasus expressing outrage at the senate. I don’t have anything to add, she pretty much sums up everything I would have to say in response.

My Ultimate Hair Goal

I have never heard of this woman or her new “sprAngz” hair styling tool before, but after coming across her video on YouTube, I was just amazed and kept staring at all the hair she has. I’m about 1/3 of the way since taking down my locs 6 months ago, but in a few years I hope to have as much loose hair as she does right now. Also heck out her comments about people’s reaction to her natural hair as well. I can relate.

My home in 140 characters & status updates

Found these pillows being sold at a local HomeGoods store. I don’t think there’s any gray area about this, you’ll either love them or hate them.

As much as I enjoy social media, the thought of incorporating it into my home decor crosses the line for me. Apparently a lot of folks agree, as these pillows were on sale in the clearance section.

What say you, folks?

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